Inaccurate Memoir Bumps up Release Date

2012-04-11 11:25:55        Chinese Films

Director Yang Shupeng and actor Huang Xiaoming at the event. [Photo:]

The costume action film "An Inaccurate Memoir," starring Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yi and Zhang Xinyi, brought forward its release date from April 28 to April 24.

Wang Changtian, chairman of the movie's production company Enlight Pictures, explained why they made the decision at a press conference on April 10.

Wang highlighted the release of the movie's music video, and told the media that part of the reason was to steal some thunder from Hollywood blockbusters such as "Titanic 3D," "Battleship" and "The Avengers". These big budget films will be released on the same day as Ning Hao's "Guns N's Roses", which is also produced by Enlight Pictures.

"It will be a harsh battle for us to release a movie on that date faced with all these threats from Hollywood blockbusters," Wang said. "We hope 'An Inaccurate Memoir' can stand together with 'Guns N's Roses' to prove that Chinese domestic productions can fight against foreign movies in the matter of box office revenue."

Director Yang Shupeng and lead actors Huang Xiaoming and Zhang Xinyi were also present at the event.

By Chen Nan

Music video of the movie's theme song. [Video courtesy of]

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