Presenters of Hong Kong Film Awards Unveiled

2012-04-10 09:24:00        Chinese Films

The 31st Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony will be held at Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 15 April, Sunday. Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), now TV and RTHK Radio 2 will live broadcast this event. The novel and exciting MC team of this year was announced in the press conference of Entertainment Expo Hong Kong 2012 in Wanchai recently.

A couple of young, talented film industry workers will be led by a renowned and experienced MC. This brilliant group is expected to bring lots of surprises to audiences. The MC team depicts the theme of this year: "Film's New Power", implying the spirit of continuation and determination among Hong Kong films. Eric Tsang, who has been a famous, cultivated and respected executive producer, director and awarded best actor in the local film industry, will lead a group of four young and proficient film contributors to the stage of ceremony.

They include:


The latest well-performed, popular actress will be an MC the first time for this event.

·Ronald Cheng

The well-liked director-actor-comedian-singer.

·Gordon Lam Ka Tung

The professional actor who was the producer of the film "Gallant" that was awarded the best film in the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards.

·Bowie Tsang Po Yee

The celebrated host who is also the executive producer of this year's nominated film "The Killer Who Never Kills".

It is expected that this year's MC team filled with "Film's New Power" will foster an evening of creative performance and conversation. Adding with their humour and uniqueness, this unprecedented MC team will definitely bring great stimulation, fun and new ideas to the event.

Apart from the three official live broadcasters in Hong Kong, the presentation ceremony this year will also be shown in Chinese media all over the world. This includes the movie channel CCTV6 and in the Mainland China. The television channels in the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei will also broadcast this annual occasion internationally.


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