Meet the Winners of China Film Directors' Guild Awards

2012-04-09 13:30:25        Chinese Films

Jiang Wen, Director of the Year. [Photo:]

Zhang Ziyi, Actress of the Year. [Photo:]

Hundreds of stars gathered at the China Film Directors' Guild Awards on April 8 in Beijing, reports.

The film "Let the Bullets Fly" swept at the night, receiving four nominations and three statuettes.

Jiang Wen, director of "Let the Bullets Fly," won the Director of the Year award, while his movie claimed the Film of the Year title on the heels of its recent win at the 6th Asian Film Awards with a special award for 2011's Top Grossing Asian Film.

Jiang, who has worked in film for more than 20 years, said he had won fewer awards than people expected he could have won. When his movies received awards, he got nothing as an actor. When actors in his movies won awards, he got nothing as a director.

"I treasure this award very much," Jiang said. "Other awards can be received by my hands, but this one I received with my heart and soul."

Jiang also said his next project was in progress, and actors Ge You and Gong Li were expected to appear on the cast list.

Ge You and Chow Yun-fat, the two leading actors of "Let the Bullets Fly," were both nominated for the Actor of the Year award, which Ge won.

Two generations of Mou Girls highlighted the event as megastars Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi were both in attendance.

Zhang, who was highly praised for her performance in Gu Changwei's HIV-themed movie "Love for Life," won the Actress of the Year award and was moved to tears onstage during her award acceptance speech. Members of the guild thought she created a vivid character in the movie and performed the role with sincerity.

Two of big awards of the night were given to young directors. Du Jiayi, who made his directorial debut with the art-house adventure film "Kora," received the Young Director of the Year award, and Zhang Meng, the new sensation from last year with his black comedy "Piano in a Factory," left with the Best Screenplay of the Year award. Both of them scored great coups in 2011 as new rising stars among China's Sixth Generation of directors.

The guild released a list of the most anticipated movies of 2012, which includes:

Feng Xiaogang's "Wen Gu 1942"

Wang Xiaoshuai's "11 Flowers"

Wang Wuan'an's "White Deer Plain"

Lu Chuan's "The Last Supper"

Ning Hao's "Guns N' Roses"

Zhang Yang's "Full Circle"

Guan Hu's "Design of Death"

Wang Yuelun's "Le Fan Tian"

Yang Shupeng's "An Inaccurate Memoir"

Lou Ye's "Mi"

Dayyan Eng's "Inseparable"

Gao Qunshu's "Detective Hunter Zhang"

By Chen Nan

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