"Tokyo Newcomer" Gets Extra Screening Slots

2012-04-01 13:59:26        Chinese Films

Poster of the movie. [Photo: mtime.com]

Following sluggish performances at the box office throughout March, art-house films have had to face an embarrassing situation whereby some were only granted a handful of screening slots as part of cinema schedule lineups. The Sino-Japanese co-production "Tokyo Newcomer" was one such movie.

After hitting mainland cinemas on March 23, director Jiang Qinmin was overjoyed with the news that his film was receiving high praise from audiences and critics alike.

In an effort to aid its box office success, cinemas decided to add to the amount of screening slots that the film was originally given.

At a small-scale screening event in France, prior to the film's Beijing premiere, reporters and audience members in attendance compared the movie to the successful documentary "The Ocean." All in attendance agreed that the musical score was as good as that of "The Ocean."

Chinese audiences were also in agreement after watching the movie. One audience member was quoted as saying, "I was deeply affected by the music. It hit all the right notes as the story developed."

Aside from the film's impressive music, the legendary Japanese actress Baishou Chieko gives a standout performance. After being absent from the silver screen for five years, Baishou chose to make her return with the Weiqi-themed movie "Tokyo Newcomer." Many have been moved to tears by her thought-provoking performance.

Director Jiang has dedicated himself to making Sino-Japanese co-productions for a number of years, with "Tokyo Newcomer" being his fourth such project. Despite the fact that the majority of Jiang's films have not been considered successes at the box office, Jiang said he is happy so long as audiences admire his work.

By Chen Nan

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