"The Next Magic" to Hit Silver Screen

2012-03-31 15:42:57        Chinese Films

The poster of "The Next Magic" [Photo: Mtime.com]

The biographical movie "The Next Magic" is set to hit big screens nationwide on March 31, Mtime.com reports.

Based on the life story of entrepreneur and motivational speaker Rocky Liang, the film recreates how Liang became successful.

Qin Hao, who has been nominated three times for Best Actor awards at the Cannes International Film Festival, portrays Liang, whose age spans from an 18-year-old depression sufferer to a successful 38-year-old man in the film.

"The film delivers a message that as long as you have a goal, you can make your world more beautiful," Qin said, according to the report.

Cecilia Liu and Monika Mok, two up-and-coming actresses, play opposite Qin Hao as his real-life lover and dream lover, respectively. Veteran actors Bill Chan and Zhang Guozhu also give stunning performances in the film.

The production team behind "The Next magic" includes famous filmmaker Yeh Jufeng as producer and well-known Hong Kong film editor Cheung Ka-Fai.

Liang, nicknamed the "Asian Chief Super Orator," was born in Taiwan in 1973. He has been invited to a dozen countries and regions to give speeches, which have been translated into 12 languages.

By Liu Shuai

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