Mainland Box Office in the 12th Week

2012-03-31 09:54:56        Chinese Films

According to enbase statistics, "John Carter of Mars" dominated mainland boxoffice screenings this week, enjoying 30% of the market share in terms of total number of screenings. "Night Fall" and "Marry A Prefect Man" took 13% and 11% of the weekly screenings respectively. Benefiting from high audience attendance "Late Autumn" took an additional 9% of screenings, performing strongly after a late start on March 23.

Next week (Mar. 26-Apr. 1, 2012), the films below will be released in Mainland China. With nine fresh films scheduled to opening next week, the mainland market continues to heat up as new entries vie for ticket sales.

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Late Autumn
Love in the Buff
Blood Stained Shoes
Night Fall
Marry A Perfect Man
A Simple Life
Joyful Reunion
The Second Woman
Romancing in Thin Air
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