Most Anticipated Chinese Movies of 2012

2012-03-30 15:34:30        Chinese Films

At the start of this year, many low-budget Chinese movies like "A Simple Life" and "Love in The Puff" received both considerable box office revenue and positive feedback. For example, "A Simple Life" took over 60 million yuan at the box office, making it the most profitable movie from director Ann Hui.

In the remaining 9 months of 2012, many low-budget Chinese movies hit big screens. Will they survive from the box office battle against Hollywood blockbusters? Famous movie website filed an anticipated-Chinese-movie list for 2012.

Poster of the movie.

"11 Flowers"

Director: Wang Xiaoshuai

Lead actors: Yan Ni, Qiao Renliang

Release date: May 11

Storyline: It tells a story during the Cultural Revolution. An 11-year-old boy witnesses a murder and sees the murderer executed. It reflects the special period from a young boy's eyes. Many suggest the movie is like a biography of director Wang Xiaoshuai.

By Duan Lei

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