Cast and Crew Talk about "Full Circle"

2012-03-29 15:38:44        Chinese Films

Cast and crew of "Full Circle".[Photo:]

Yesterday, the cast and crew of "Full Circle" attended an opening ceremony for the first branch of Capital Cinema in Beijing, reports.

"Full Circle" is directed by the sixth generation director Zhang Yang. The film is about the life of a group of elderly people who live in a nursing home, and the roles are all portrayed by 30 or more Chinese artists, including Tian Hua, Zhang Huaxun, Li Bin and Wang Deshun.

Director Zhang Yang said that making a film about senior citizens has always been his ambition and "Full Circle" made his dream come true.

Zhang Huaxun is director Zhang Yang's father, but he was treated equally with the other artists during the filming. "The director is in charge. I do what he tells me to do." Zhang Huaxun said

Tian Hua, the 85-years-old honored actress, marked the movie as one of the two most important throughout her magnificent career. "One is 'The White-haired Girl' and the other is 'Full Circle'."

By Ma Sicong

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