"Design of Death" to Hit Cinemas in April

2012-03-29 15:11:44        Chinese Films

A still of Huang Bo.[Photo: mtime.com]

Director Guan Hu's latest project "Design of Death" will hit the silver screen on April 28, mtime.com reports.

The comedy-thriller features three award-winning actors—Huang Bo, Ren Dahua and Su Youpeng—who appear together for the first time.

Huang Bo, Guan Hu's longtime partner, won the Best Actor award at the 46th Golden Horse Awards for his role in "Cow," another of Guan's films.

Hong Kong veteran Ren Dahua, though nominated many times at the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA), received his first-ever HKFA Best Actor award in 2010.

Su Youpeng, who won the Best Actor award at the second Macau International Film Festival (MIFF) in 2010, also plays an important role in "Design of Death."

The story takes place in a remote and ancient town in southwest China where people live a traditional but strange way of life. Niu Jieshi is an outcast of the village, who is trapped by the villagers in a "design of death." When a doctor tries to save Niu Jieshi, he discovers a surprising secret.

Huang Bo, who leads the cast, talked about how the current movie differs from "Cow."

"Speaking of the physical challenge, it's not as strong as in 'Cow', but mentally, the two are quite on the same level." Huang said.

Guan Hu called Huang's acting in the role of Niu Jieshi "irreplaceable" and said: "We wanted to dig something out of Huang Bo that we had never seen before. He suffered a lot, maybe the most suffering in any film he has ever shot."

Ren Dahua said he nearly ran out of energy during scenes in which he had to climb up and down a mountain with Huang Bo on his shoulders.

"I felt really tired, and in Cantonese we call it 'bitterer than balsam pear,'" Ren said.

What was more challenging for the Hong Kong actor was his acrophobia. At first, he told Guan Hu that he would not require a double, although he could not even stand on the mountain road.

Su Youpeng's portrayal of Doctor Niu was a rare experience for the actor. Although he does not appear much in the film, Doctor Niu is considered the most complicated role because of his dark and malicious side despite his handsomeness and gentle manner.

By Ma Sicong

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