Youku Plans to Shoot 12 Microfilms

2012-03-29 13:26:22        Chinese Films

Famous directors Lu Chuan, Wang Xiaoshuai, Teng Huatao and actress Hao Lei attended the launch ceremony of Youku's micro film plan. [Photo:]

Youku, one of China's leading online video websites, yesterday launched its 12 Star Signs Micro Films Project in Beijing, reports.

Famous directors Lu Chuan, Wang Xiaoshuai, Teng Huatao and actress Hao Lei will direct the shooting of three microfilms each. The first three projects under Lun's direction are scheduled to be shown online at the end of April.

At yesterday's launch ceremony, four celebrities shared their ideas about the microfilms.

"The Last Supper" director Lu said for many years he had shot "big" films under the current Chinese film system, which made him feel as though he was no longer good at making movies. Shooting the microfilms made him feel like he was back in college when he could make his own movies free of any anxiety.

Wang Xiaoshuai, director of the upcoming film "11 Flowers," said, "The emergence of microfilms has brought us great opportunities. Compared to traditional short films, micro films' distribution preferences are simpler."

Hao Lei said she was going to shoot horror flicks based on her understanding about star signs.

Rising young director Teng Huatao said he wanted to make a breakthough in shooting technology.

By Liu Shuai

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