"Guns N' Roses" Portrays Ning's Style

2012-03-29 16:46:40        Chinese Films

A still photo of the movie. [Photo: mtime.com]

Ning Hao, regarded as a rising star among Chinese six generation directors, is about to release his newest project "Guns N' Roses" on April 24.

Making a name for himself with "Crazy Stone" and "Crazy Racers" blockbusters, Ning has established his own story-telling style by filming how several groups of people vie for the samething.

In his latest project, Ning continued with this unique style, a story of how people fight against each other and try to steal eight tons of gold. The director said in a previous interview that gold is a symbol of power and desire. "I want to talk about how people make their choices when stuck between desire of power and humanity," he told the media.

He will also film a romance angle for the very first time, what is expected to be a very intense kiss scene.

Ning was highly praised for his sagacity and humor in discussing social realities in his works. This time, he set the movie's background in the 1930's. Fans have already buzzed about how he he will express himself in this film.

Surprising the film market with a small-budget "Crazy Stone" in 2006, the director became the youngest Chinese person in the "100 million Club" for his 2008's movie "Crazy Racers." Staying quiet for 3 years, Ning is back with a stronger personality. "Everybody has to grow up. And I will tell you how the leading character grows up in the movie," he said.

By Chen Nan

New trailer of the movie. [Video courtesy of mtime.com]

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