Defination of Sixth Generation Directors
Analysis of Sixth Generation Directors

Jia Zhangke

Born in May 24, 1970
"At the Qing Dynasty," "Platform," "Our 10 Years," "Public Places," "24 City," "Still Life," "I Wish I Know"
Honors: Golden Lion Award of the 63rd Venice International Film Festival, Best Director Award of the Asian Film Awards in 2007, the youngest winner of Golden Leopard Award of the Locarno International Film Festival in 2010, Chair of the Jury of Torino International Film Festival in 2004, Chair of the Jury of the Cannes International Film Festival in 2007, Chair of the Jury of the Horizon Documentary Prize at the 68th Venice International Film Festival


Lu Chuan

Born in Fer. 8, 1971
Works: "Mountain Patrol," "The Missing Gun," "City of Life and Death"
Honors: Grand Jury Prize of Tokyo International Film Festival in 2004, Best Feature Film and Photography Awards of the Golden Horse Awards in 2004, Best Film of the All Roads Film Festival in 2005, Best Film Award of the Asian Film Awards at 2006, Nominee of the Best Foreign Language Film at the 67th Golden Globe Awards, Best Foreign Lauguage Film at the 37th Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards

Wang Xiaoshuai

Born in Jan. 1, 1966
Works: 11 Flowers, Shanghai Dreams, Beijing Bicycle, Chongqing Blues
Honors: Jury Prize of The 51st Berlin International Film Festival, Jury Prize of the 58th Cannes International Film Festival, Best Screenplay of the 58th Berlin International Film Festival, Commandery Order of Merit by the French Government, Best Director at the Second China Film Directors' Guild Awards

Wang Quan'an

Born in 1965
Works: "Lunar Eclipse," "The Story of Er Mei," "Tuya's Marriage," "White Deer Plain"
Honors: International Grand Prize Award of the 22nd Moscow International Film Festival, Golden Bear Award of the 57th Berlin International Film Festival, Silver Bear Award of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival, Best Director Award of the 17th Beijing College Students' Film Festival

Zhang Yang

Born in 1967
Works: "Shower," "Sun Plant," "Getting Home," "Spacked Out"
Honors: The Most Popular Movie at the 29th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Grand Jury Prize of the 24 Toronto International Film Festival, Best Director Award of the 47th San Sebastian International film Festival, Best Director and Photography Awards of the 53rd San Sebastian International film Festival

Ning Ying

Born in 1959
Works: "Side A Side B," "Railroad of Hope," "Kung Fu Man," "Shi Qi Shi Dai," "Looking for Fun," "Someone Falls in Love with Me"
Honors: Best Film of the Tokyo International Film Festival, Golden Globe Award of the Festival of the 3 Continents, International Critics Prize of Berlin International Film Festival, Best Feature Film of Torino International Film Festival

Ning Hao

Born in 1977
Works: "Crazy Stone," "Crazy Racer," "Guns N' Roses"

Guan Hu

Born in 1968
Works: "Eye of A Beauty,""Cow,""Who Stole My Happyniess,""Design of Death"
Honors: Honorary Citizenship of France, NETPAC Award of the Hawaii International Film Festival in 2002, Best Adapted Screenplay of the 46th Golden Horse Award

Zhang Meng

Works: "Piano in a Factory," "Lucky Dog"

Han Jie

Works: "Walking on the Wild Side," "Hello! Mr. Tree"

Li Yu

Works: "Lost in Beijing," "Buddha Mountain"

Xu Haofeng

Works: "The Swords Identity"

Yang Shupeng

Works: "The Robbers," "An Inaccurate Memoir"

11 Flowers

Director: Wang Xiaoshuai
Release Date: May 11

Guns N' Roses

Director: Ning Hao
Release date: April  24

Death of Design

Director: Guan Hu
Release date: April 28

Full Circle

Director: Zhang Yang
Release Date: May 8

An Inaccurate Memoir

Director: Yang Shupeng
Release date: April 24


Piano in a Factory

Director: Zhang Meng 

Hello! Mr. Tree

Director: Han Jie

City of Life and Death

Director: Lu Chuan

Buddha Mountain

Director: Li Yu


Director: Du Jiayi