"The Unfortunate Car" Hits Cinemas on April 1

2012-03-19 14:41:10        Chinese Films

A poster of "The Unfortunate Car".[Photo:douban.com]

The release date for the upcoming comedy "The Unfortunate Car" has been changed from March 30 to April 1, according to an announcement by the film's production company. Although this means the film will hit screens on April Fools' Day, as mtime.com reports, this is no joke.

Starring Guo Degang, the well-known cross talk artist, alongside Ambrose Hui, Zhang Xinyu and Wang Yinan, the film documents the hilarious story of four strangers who meet one another when buying a car. The film touches upon a number of hot issues within modern society, including the license plate lottery, car-sharing, the odd/even license plate restriction plan and online shopping.

Guo Degang, portraying the role of a rich penny-pincher, inevitably becomes the centre of attention. "It's the most 'serious' role I have ever played," said Guo, claiming that his character is both interesting and a challenge to pull off.

Co-directors Hua Yuan and Bao Jiming point out the grass-roots nature of the film, stating that, "The film comes from and is closely related to our real life."

"The Unfortunate Car" hits cinema screens nationwide on April 1.

By Ma Sicong

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