Film Posters Go on Show in Hong Kong

2012-03-15 09:22:13        Chinese Films

Film posters to be shown during the 36th HKIFF. [Photo:]

In the run up to Hong Kong's 36th International Film Festival, playbills from around the world have been put on display. Let's see what's been pinned up.

A few Hongkong movie stars made an appearance ahead of the festival. Apart from showing posters of nominated films, exhibits also include costumes and props from the movies. According to the festival's art director, the exhibition aims to offer some cultural appreciation before the movie madness starts.

Li Cheuk-To, art director of HK Int'l Film Festival, said, "Different posters show different cultures and backgrounds. For example, European posters have a deep artistic tradition and have quite a value on design and art. It is very good."

With posters serving as the advertisement for movies, they are fundamental in promoting the potential audience's imagination and understanding of the film. And according to the organiser, there is a real difference in design between the east and west.

Cheng Tze Wang, program manager of HK Int'l Film Festival, said, "What a Hong Kong audience or mainland audience see is big titles of movie stars, very big on the poster. But if you see posters from Europe, it's very simple. Instead of big titles of stars, the name of director is always big and bold."

The 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival kicks off on March 21st, but in the meantime, film fans can whet their appetites with the posters.


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