Cinema Cashes in on Women's Day

2012-03-07 09:10:07        Global Times

Poster of "The Locked Door" [Photo: douban]

Stagnant times

In ancient China, women were discriminated against and restrained by a number of now archaic rules. The Locked Door, directed by Zhao Zhiping, explores the arduous life of women in the 1920s. Yan Wen's (Huang Shengyi) engagement to Jin Ren (Yang Zi), a rich man who returns to China after studying abroad, makes her the envy of the town. Things quickly change when Jin leaves her, and Yan finds herself a single mother. The story revolves around the discrimination she faces from society.

Varying from films that aim to win the audience over through humor and formulaic happy endings, The Locked Door explores the transition of an innocent young woman to a strong, single mother. The Locked Door reminds its audience the stigmas women are faced with and encourages the audience to question whether these values still exist today.

The Second Woman, directed by Miu-suet Lai, is an exploration of sisterhood and the problems modern women encounter. The film explores the relationship between two twin sisters. The twins compete with each other professionally and fall in love with the same man, becoming enemies along the way. Acclaimed actress Fanny Shu plays the role of both sisters.

"Cinematically, this is a very stunning story. As there is a murder in the story, the movie is also a thriller," commented Yu. "It's meant to evoke the senses."

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