Cinema Cashes in on Women's Day

2012-03-07 09:10:07        Global Times

"A Simple Life" [Photo: douban]

Universal themes

Highly hyped on the list of films released is Hong Kong director Ann Hui's A Simple Life. The film is based on the life of Hong Kong producer Roger Lee. Sister Tao (Deanie Ip) is the aged domestic helper of Leung (Andy Lau). Throughout the film, each occupy and alternate between the roles of parent, child, caretaker and provider. When Tao suffers from a stroke, Leung tends to her in a nursing home.

"It's a successful narrative," movie critic Yu Xin told the Global Times. "The concept of family in the film transcends boundaries and ages, appealing to audiences from different backgrounds."

The film has received international critical acclaim and has won three awards at the 48th Golden Horse Awards. "There are few dramatic scenes, as the film focuses primarily on the relationship between Leung and Sister Tao." Yu said. "It's thus likely to appeal to an older demographic appreciative of a sappy story."

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