Actress Yang Mi Enjoying the Best of Times

2012-03-01 09:19:50        China Daily

Actress Yang Mi [Photo:]

She is practicing martial arts with kung fu star Zhao Wenzhuo in Wudang, a kung fu blockbuster to premiere later this year.

In Love in the Buff, the sequel to the hit romantic comedy by Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung, Yang will play alongside such veteran actors as Xu Zheng and Miriam Yeung.

She will also star in Hong Kong director Derek Yee's new period drama, The Disappearing Bullet.

Yang rose to stardom by leading a television drama about time travel. The subject is popular among young audiences, and Yang has become a new icon of the genre.

The 26-year-old does not keep her love life secret. She recently made it public that her boyfriend is actor Lau Hoi-wai. The two spent Valentine's Day together, promoting a brand she works for.

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