Flower of China on Oscar Carpet--Li Bingbing

2012-02-29 07:15:44        Chinese Films

Li Bingbing on red carpet [Photo: CRI]

The 84th Oscar ceremony has concluded. And although Zhang Yimou's "The Flowers of War" failed to blossom on the Oscar stage, Chinese movie fans could comfort themselves with the other "flower" that beautified the red carpet.

Li Bingbing was been invited for her part in the Sino-U.S. joint production, "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan." Before her dazzling appearance at the event, Bingbing accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV News.

It's not the first time for Li Bingbing to dazzle audiences on the world stage, but the Oscar red carpet is a fresh experience for her. The past two years have seen her take part in joint China-Hollywood productions such as "The Forbidden Kingdom" and "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan". As more light from all over the world shines on the rising star, it seems that landing on Oscar's red carpet was just a matter of sooner or later for Li Bingbing.

Li Bingbing said, "I've been to Cannes and Venice. This is the first time that I come to LA. I've been here for three days and I can really tell the spirit is exciting."

Talking about the dress seems to be a required part of any actress' appearance on the Oscar red carpet. While recounting her dress-buying experience, Li Bingbing learned a new English word to describe it.

Li Bingbing said, "When I saw the dress, I said 'Oh, my god, that's my dress.' I decided to wear it as soon as I saw it. It's really beautiful, and elegant and sexy. How to say that? Subtle sexy? OK, it's subtle sexy. Have you ever seen people learning English during the interview? That's me."

The movie "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" depicts the lasting friendship between two young women played by Li Bingbing and South Korean actress Jun Jihyun. Much of the film's dialogue is in English, but you may be surprised to find out how she has managed to learn the language.

Li Bingbing said, "It's absolutely difficult. But to me it's interesting."

Li Bingbing on red carpet [Photo: CRI]

Li Bingbing graduated with a major in performing arts before starting her film career. In 2007, she was awarded best actress at the Huabiao Awards for her role in "the Knot". Two years later, she won best actress at the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards for "the Message". And in Tsui Hark's movie "Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame", she impressed audiences at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. Also that year, she stayed with that action image to play Ada Wong in the bio-hazard series "Resident Evil 5".

As more and more international opportunities come her way, Bingbing is thinking of much more than her on-screen roles.

Li Bingbing said, "If I'm working with international teams, I want to be a bridge. People have some impressions of China which are very old."

Bingbing is the Culture Ambassador of China to many countries and she has a very long list of honors for her involvement with charities and climate change issues. Among others, she is now the global ambassador of World Wildlife Fund and International Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programs.

Li Bingbing said, "I'm so proud to influence more and more people."

Far more than the movie star and fashion icon she has become, Li Bingbing moves like a powerful force through the choppy waters of the global movie scene. And looking at her drive to constantly improve herself as well as the world around her, it's easy to understand why she has so many fans.

Source: CNTV.cn

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