Ning Hao's New Project in Post-production

2012-02-22 15:07:48        Chinese Films

The newly released trailer of director Ning Hao's "Gun N' Rose" [Video courtesy of]

Director Ning Hao's latest film, "Gun N' Rose", is in its post-production stages and expected to hit screens in the first half of the year, a film already famous for its clandestine production.

Ning's new project has been a closely guarded secret ever since shooting began, an ambitious move from a director who hasn't seen the big screen in 3 years.

Not too much information has been leaked regarding the newly released promotional trailer for "Gun N' Rose," but it is known that Ning will be playing a cameo role as a police officer, something the director has also done in "Crazy Stone" and "Silver Medalist."

It can also be ostensibly deduced that the film takes place in the early to mid 20th century.

"Let the Bullets Fly" photographer Zhao Fei and "Monga" choreographer Yang Gil-yeong from South Korea are onboard for this film and are certain to add some flavor to the overall quality of the film.

Previously, Ning Hao stated that "Gun N' Rose" would be his biggest budget film to date and that 90% of the budget would be used for production.

By Liu Shuai

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