Mainland Box Office Chart in the 6th Week

2012-02-16 09:51:13        Chinese Films

According to statistics by enbase, "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" dominated screening time slot for another week, enjoying 32% of screening time slot share. The situation changed since 10th, Feb as quite a few fresh films released in theaters on that day. "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" took place of "Mission Impossible 4"enjoying most screening times of 14% market share since 10th Feb. The others listed in the chart above took 7% for each film.

In the upcoming Week (Feb 13- 19, 2012), films as below are set to be released in mainland China. Including Huayi Brothers'"Love", directed by Doze Niu with an all-star cast. Another Valentines' Day theme film "Truth or Brave", distributed by Bona Film will hit the screen on 14th Feb.


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