Stanley Kwan Plans to Invite Vicki Zhao and Joan Chen to Star in New Project

2012-02-02 16:09:38        Chinese Films

Actress Vicki Zhao [Photo:]

Actress Joan Chen [Photo:]

Hong Kong film maker Stanley Kwan recently revealed that he has been busy producing actress Vicki Zhao Wei's directorial debut, "Farewell to Our Past Youth" (Zhi Wo Men Shi Qu De Qing Chun). Kwan divulged the news during his attendance of the Chinese premiere of American blockbuster "The Ides of March", report.

Kwan disclosed that Zhao's film will start shooting in March and is slated for release during the Christmas Holiday slot.

"Vicki (Zhao Wei) is an experienced actress. This time, she is just directing the project and won't pick up any role in the film", Stanley Kwan said. He went on to say that his job is to help her find the proper shooting style.

When asked whether he knew the details regarding the budget of Zhao's new film, Stanley Kwan said that he accepted the role of producer as Zhao Wei's friend and therefore did not pay attention to the budget at all.

He also revealed that he plans to invite Zhao Wei and "The Last Emperor" actress Joan Chen to join his new film.

No details about Stanley Kwan's new project have been unveiled.

By Liu Shuai

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