Mainland Box Office Performance in Second Week 2012

2012-01-19 09:31:23        Chinese Films

Much anticipated 3D version of the 1961 classic animated film "Havoc in Heaven"-- "The Monkey King 3D", debuted one day in advanced "pleasant Goat". The classic animated film widely considered to be a masterpiece and already had a solid audience base since 1960's. Speaking of the revived version "Monkey King 3D", one of its highlights is the three dimension vision effect, the other is the voices. The producers invited dozens of domestic A-list stars including Daoming Chen, Kaige Chen and Xiaogang Feng to voice the classic characters. Even with all these selling points, this animated film just debuted $2.88 million in the opening week, failed to meet the expectations.

According to statistics by enbase, "The Great Magician" and "pleasant Goat"enjoyed 16% and 19% screening time slot respectively in their first week of release. Benefiting from the good reputation from the audiences "Apple" took 17% screening time schedule, higher than that of "The great Magician"."Flowers" and "Swords" ended their dominated market share, both dropping to 11% of screening time slot.

In the upcoming Week (16-22, Jan 2012), films as below are set to be released in mainland China, including two flat-fee imported films "Nutcracker in 3D" ,"Shotgun Love" and the others are local films. The interesting coincidence is that all these set-to-be released movies are all distributed by China Film Group Corporation, the stated-owned film company.

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