Apple Tastes Sweet

2012-01-16 08:52:29        China Daily

Poster of "You are the Apple of My Eye" [Photo:]

You are the Apple of My Eye is the romance flick written, directed and led by first-timers that has become the highest-grossing Chinese film ever in Hong Kong.

It has usurped the top spot held by Steven Chow's Kung Fu Hustle by earning $7.8 million. It has also set a new Taiwan box office record by raking in nearly $15 million.

The film is based on Taiwan writer/director Giddens Ko's own story - that of a boy's first love.

But the subject is only part of the reason the film struck a chord with so many.

It also provides a vivid depiction of teenage life, a period most people would like to relive - a time for joking around with friends and getting a crush on the boy or girl next door.

Despite being 29 in real life, the lead actress, Michelle Chen, presents the innocent beauty of a high school girl brilliantly. The lead actor, Ko Chen-tung, who's actually 20, shows the best qualities of young boys - boundless energy and fearless confidence.

The film is showing in mainland theaters, minus such spicy scenes as when the boy masturbates in class and walks around naked in his house.

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