Apple has Bite of China Box Office

2012-01-12 09:20:52        Chinese Films

You Are the Apple of My Eye has had the most successful opening yet for a Taiwan-produced film in China, taking RMB27.5 million ($4.35 million) over the three day weekend.

The high-school romance was runner up to ZHANG Yimou 's The Flowers of War and TSUI Hark's Flying Swords of Dragon Gate that are both on their fourth week on the mainland screens.

Flowers and Swords added RMB71.6 million ($11.3 million) and RMB68.5 million ($10.9 million) respectively last week; their current takings by Sunday night are RMB560 million ($88.7 million) and RMB502 milllion ($79.6 million).

On Tuesday, Taiwan newspapers reported that Apple outperformed both films over the three-day weekend, but that is unlikely given the significant difference in box office income between second and third place over the seven-day period.

Apple is the fourth film made in Taiwan released in the Chinese mainland since the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) was signed in 2010 giving greater access to Mainland screens to Taiwan-produced films without co-production status.

Taiwan still maintains a strict limit on the number of the mainland films that can be screened. Last week, the Government Information Office (GIO) told a local newspaper that its ten film quota was still necessary to protect Taiwan cinema.

The version of Apple screening in the Chinese mainland is heavily edited with as much as nine minutes removed, including the film's most bawdy material. It is unclear whether the cuts were demanded or if the film was self-censored before applying for a licence.

Source: Film Business Asia

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