Release Date Confirmed for "Love in the Buff"

2012-01-06 17:03:21        Chinese Films

English poster of the movie. [Photo:]

The urban comedy "Love in the Buff," will hit national screens at the end of March, reports.

The sequel to director Ho-Cheung Peng's R-rated movie "Love in a Buff," this similarly titled film follows its two leading characters' move to the Mainland.

Experiencing all kinds of twists and turns, the couple portrayed by Shawn Yue and Miriam Yeung face relationship problems when trying to make a living on the Mainland.

The first installment was classified as a Level III movie in Hong Kong for its crude dialogue. Considering the restriction of the Mainland's Film Bureau, Director Peng reduced some sensitive plot elements but still kept the essential parts of the movie. "Dirty talk is part and parcel of Cantonese. We don't even mean to insult other people when we talk that way. So I had to keep some of the lines." He is very confident about the movie, appreciating the magnificent chemistry between the Hong Kong and Mainland actors.

By Chen Nan

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