"The Allure of Tears" Premieres in Hangzhou

2011-12-15 13:33:56        Chinese Films

Lead Actor Gigi Leung on the set [Photo: mtime.com]

The producers of the upcoming tearjerker "The Allure of Tears" held a press conference yesterday in Hangzhou to highlight the movie's premiere, Mtime.com reports.

Director Barbara Wong was joined at the event by cast members, including Gigi Leung, Aarif Lee, Shawn Dou and Joe Chan.

In the film, Leung plays a violinist with a hearing disorder. The movie marks the second time that she has worked with Wong following "Wonder Woman."

"Director Barbara Wong thinks that there is an unforgettable relationship in everyone's heart, and the film could help them restore their memories of it," Leung said about the film. "As for me, I think the original intention of the film is to remind us to feel and cherish the goodness of love rather than miss an opportunity for real love. So we are all confident in the movie's potential at the box office."

As one of the movies to be released during the New Year period along with "The Flowers of War" and "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D," "The Allure of Tears" is scheduled to hit cinemas on December 22.

By Zhang Ting

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