Chen Kaige Surprises His Wife on set of his New Movie

2011-12-15 16:02:50        Chinese Films

Chen Hong kiss her husband as a return on the set. [Photo:]

Making other directors jealous of his beautiful wife, Chen Hong, prestigious director Chen Kaige romantically surprised her on the set of his new movie "Search" on her birthday—December 13, reports.

The director is filming his new project in Zhengjiang province right now. As producer of the movie and member of the cast, Chen Hong has worked intensively alongside of her husband in the past two months.

Director Chen planned a surprise party with assistance from actor Wang Xueqi, Gao Yuanyuan and other production team members that day. At the time, Chen Hong thought they were doing a scene. She walked into the room while saying her lines. But inside the room, a big birthday cake was waiting. With moist eyes, she kissed her husband in return.

The director has been asked about how he defined his marriage in a previous interview. He answered with lines from "The Book of Songs," saying, "To hold your hand; To grow old with you."

Based on the popular online novel, "Please Forgive Me," his new movie "Search" revolves around the problems caused by searching for human flesh on the Internet. It will finish its shooting schedule within three months in Ningbo and is slated for release in 2012.

By Chen Nan

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