"Chinese Zodiac" Eyes IMAX

2011-12-12 15:32:30        Chinese Films

Jackie Chan on the Filming Site [Photo: mtime.com]

The first promotional trailer revealing the concept behind the upcoming movie "Chinese Zodiac", co-produced by JCE Entertainment Ltd., Huayi Brothers and Emperor Mothion Pictures, was released on December 12. The production companies also announced that the movie will hit cinema screens on the same day next year, December 12, 2012, mtime.com reports.

Accompanied by a rapid and fierce rhythm, and presented in a chilling style, the trailer provides glimpses of thrilling gun battles, parachute dives, car races and ferocious dogfight combat scenes; declaring that the authentic Jackie Chan kung fu movie is back.

The concept trailer of "Chinese Zodiac" presents a retrospective montage of Jackie Chan's classic action films in chronological order, including "Drunken Monkey in the Tiger's Eyes" (1978), "Jackie Chan's Police Story" (1985), "Armour of God" (1987), "Project Eagle" (1991), "Jui kuen II" (1994), "Rumble in the Bronx" (1995), "Who Am I?" (1998) and "Rush Hour II" (2001). However, due to the fact that "Chinese Zodiac" is currently being filmed, no actual scenes from the movie have been revealed in the trailer.

Being Jackie Chan's 101st movie, filming for "Chinese Zodiac" began in June this year in France. During the shoot, the cast were allowed to enter the Chateau de Chantilly and Les Collections Du Musee Conde; this being the first time for a movie to be filmed in the Chateau. The cast even utilized national cultural relics including a chair of Louis XVI.

In order to display the sense of speed and potency of the action sequences, the production companies behind "Chinese Zodiac" has successfully signed a contract with IMAX, making this the first large screen Jackie Chan film.

By Zhang Ting

First Promotional Trailer of "Chinese Zodiac" [Video Courtesy of mtime.com]

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