Two-faced Louis Koo in "Romancing in Thin Air"

2011-12-09 15:18:42        Chinese Films

Still Shots from "Romancing in Thin Air" [Photo:]

The production company of romance comedy "Romancing in Thin Air" recently released a batch of film stills, featuring the lead actor Louis Koo doing some two-faced modeling, reports.

Directed by Johnny To, the film boasts a star-studded cast including Sammi Cheng, Louis Koo, Gao Yuanyuan, Wang Baoqiang and Huang Yi. Shangri-La in Yunnan was chosen as the film's backdrop.

Louis Koo plays the role of a celebrity actor who by virtue of his romantic films, had won five Best Actor awards. But in his real life, his own relationships had been less successful. After one particularly bad blow, he hides out in Shangri-La to get back on his feet. Unexpectedly, he meets the boss of the hotel he lives in (portrayed by Sammi Cheng) and the two fall in love with each other in Shangri-La's high altitudes.

"Romancing in Thin Air" is another joint project between Johnny To and Louis Koo following the movie "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Louis Koo's character's complicated personality was a challenge to perform. According to the director Johnny To, "with more than ten year's training in acting, Koo's performance has advanced into that stable phase where he knows when to spritz it up, and when to lay low."

The film is scheduled to hit the national screens during the Saint Valentine's Day slot.

By Zhang Ting

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