'The Flowers of War' Brings Forward its Release Date

2011-12-06 15:07:03        Chinese Films

"The Flowers of War" was supposed to go head-to-head against "Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate." [Photo: chinesefilms.cn]

Shortly after releasing footage which provided movie fans with a glimpse of the battle scenes that will be prominent within New Pictures' $100 million-budget project 'The Flowers of War', the production company brought forward its first run of screenings from December 16 to December 15. The change to the release date was confirmed by the movie's promotional company, The Beijing News reports.

The change caused something of a stir among Chinese moviegoers when they accidentally discovered the new release date on cinema screening schedules.

Insiders within China's movie industry explained that bringing forward the release date has become a conventional strategy for domestic blockbusters. The move may help to boost the movie's takings, which are expected to amount to 10 million RMB at the box-office, as it competes with rival films that will be screened during the same slot.

The coming New Year holiday time slot will see a number of highly anticipated home-grown productions gracing cinema screens nationwide. Fierce competition for box-office revenues was expected to begin with the simultaneous release of New Pictures' The Flowers of War and Bona Film Group's 'Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate'. However, Bona Film Group is now facing a dilemma thanks to the move made by New Pictures regarding the bringing forward of the release date.

Many within the industry are paying close attention to the situation, wondering how Bona Film Group will handle the unexpected surprise. A spokesperson for Bona provided the press with a clever if not all too revealing answer, stating that, "There is a possibility for us to bring forward the date too; the final decision will be announced at the premiere ceremony of our film on December 12 in Beijing."

Regardless of the drama created by the films' respective production companies, Zhang Yimou's fans will be able to enjoy 'The Flowers of War' on December 15 from 18:00 nationwide.

By Chen Nan

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