Gunfight of "Flowers of War" Unveiled

2011-12-05 13:07:39        Chinese Films

Teaser of the movie "The Flowers of War."

The first clip from Zhang Yimou's epic war blockbuster "The Flowers of War" was unveiled today(December 5) along with a movie poster, reports.

The teaser features the beginning of the movie when about 20 Chinese soldiers fight a large number of Japanese invaders to save a group of schoolgirls.

Considered one of this year's most anticipated domestic films, "The Flowers of War" marks Zhang's first time directing a war-themed movie.

The film started generating a great deal of attention from foreign media long before its release. Zhang and Christian Bale, the movie's male lead and winner of this year's Best Supporting Actor award at the Oscars, were featured on a recent cover of "Hollywood Reporter" magazine.

Moviegoers in China can expect to see the film starting on December 16.

By Chen Nan

Actional poster of the movie. [Photo: New Pictures]


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