Mainland Box Office in Week 48

2011-12-01 09:16:08        Chinese Films

Hollywood animated blockbuster "The Adventure of Tintin" added $6.23 million this week for a double-week total of $15.61 million, which gross has crossed the line of RMB 100 million. Due to its not-up-to-the-mark reputation "Legendary Amazons" slumped 39% in box office revenue comparing to last record, despite a 21% increase in screening rate. Tickets income of this local film is $5.68 million since been released for two weeks. Thriller movie "Night Mare" debuted to poor performance of $0.94 million in its opening week. That may blame on the uncertain release schedule.

According to the data published by enbase, "Love is Not Blind" repeatedly ruled the screening rate of mainland this week, enjoying 22%, followed by fresh released "East Meets West 2011"as 17% of screening rate. "Legendary Amazons" took 12% in the market, showing a 21% growth from last week's screening rate. But due to low audience attendance rate, this historic story continued poor performance and just got a disappointing ticket income of $2.15 million, 39% drop from last week.

In the coming Week 49 (28, Nov-2, Dec 2011), films as below are going to be released in mainland China.

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