Vicky Zhao's First Movie Project

2011-11-29 13:29:13        Chinese Films

Vicky Zhao to take on her first movie project. [Photo: baidu]

The famed actress Vicky Zhao has reportedly filed for her first movie to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television with the movie is slated to start shooting in February, 2012.

The news was confirmed by her PR and media assistant, Mrs. Ma, shortly after it was circulated on the Internet, according to a report from

Zhao is a postgraduate student at the Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy. As an award-winning actress, this will be the first time for her to take the helm of a movie project. Famous Hong Kong director, Stanley Kwan will produce the movie. The film's screenplay will be written by Li Qiang, whose 2005 film "Peacock" picked up a Silver Berlin Bear Award.

Based on the popular novel "To Our Youth that will Fade Away," the story revolves around a girl named Zheng Wei, who becomes torn between two men; she is forced to make a decision to find her Mr. Right.

Vicky Zhao's PR and media assistant also revealed that the film adaptation will change the story line somewhat, and will be shot in a mature and more commercial style.

The director is currently gathering the cast for the film. No specific names have been mentioned but Zhao has said the movie will feature an array of new faces.

By Chen Nan

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