Horror Movie 'Harpoon' to be Released

2011-11-28 15:04:19        Chinese Films

A still photo of the movie. [Photo: xinhuanet.com]

Zhou Yaowu, director of the home-grown horror movie "Harpoon," has talked about his movie for the very first time after finishing the post-production stages, xinhuanet.com reports.

He said "Harpoon" will emphasize graphics and sound effects, "we are not making a movie for the sake of scaring people," he told a reporter.

After over three months of hard work, the movie is finally finished and slated for a December release.

The production team has been keeping a low profile during shooting.

Starring Chinese super model Hu Bing and actress Mo Xiaoqi, the movie become a sensation among movie fans ever since some photos were leaked onto the Internet.

The pictures featured lots of nudity and adult content. Some people even questioned whether the movie can survive the strict movie censorship of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT).

Zhou isn't worrying about that, saying "the story will strike a chord in everyone's heart."

By Chen Nan

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