"White Vengeance" Premieres in Shanghai

2011-11-22 15:18:49        Chinese Films

Cast on the Set [Photo: mtime.com]

Yesterday, the production company behind the film "White Vengeance" held a press conference to promote the movie's premiere in Shanghai. Director Daniel Lee, along with lead actors including Leon Lai, Feng Shaofeng, Zhang Hanyu, Liu Yifei , Jordan Chan, Meng Tong-di, Huang Zi-qi, Jia Qing all made an appearance at the publicity event, mtime.com reports.

At the event, lead actors Zhang Hanyu and Leon Lai recited a paragraph written in the style of Hong Kong cult director Wong Kar Wai, eliciting laughs from the audience.

As the film premiered in Beijing, some media reflected that there were wide discrepancies between the plot and the actually historic events. Echoing that opinion, director Daniel Lee said that "the film represents my attitude and perspective of the history, so it will be meaningless if the both are wholly identical."

The film will hit cinemas nationwide on November 29.

By Zhang Ting

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