"Cold Steel" Holds Press Conference

2011-11-18 15:20:39        Chinese Films

Cast Members pose for a group photo [Photo: mtime.com]

Director David Wu [Photo: mtime.com]

The production company behind the sniper-themed film "Cold Steel" held a press conference in Beijing on November 17. Director David Wu was joined at the event by the writer of the original work, Li Xiaomin, a retired sniper, mtime.com reports.

Adapted from the popular internet novel of the same name written by Li Xiaomin, the film tells the tale of how a young huntsman grows up to become a champion sniper. The film stars Peter Ho, Song Jia, Tony Leung, Mickey Ho and Guo Mingxiang.

Director, David Wu, the man in charge of previous cinema successes such as "The Bride with White Hair", "A Better Tomorrow" and "The Swordsman", has embraced his identity as the golden partner of John Woo and Ronny Yu. Wu revealed that the biggest challenge for him shooting this film was repackaging the original work, which consisted of more than 600 thousand words, into a film lasting only 60 minutes.

A short clip presenting a number of action-packed scenes including street fighting, explosions, gun battles and air bombardments was released during the press conference. According to the director, the fight scenes in the film are inspired by those seen in popular arcade, while the filming process intentionally utilized the traditional stunt work approach pioneered in Hong Kong, as opposed to special effects, in order to pursue a more authentic and exciting atmosphere.

The film is slated for release on December 2, just in time for the Spring Festival holiday slot.

By Zhang Ting

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