Gonna Make him a Star

2011-11-18 08:51:51        Global Times

Wang Baoqiang stars as a fortuneteller in "Hello! Mr Tree" with Tan Zhuo. [Photo: CFP]

With a cheerful smile, Wang Baoqiang, the film and TV actor climbed onto a desk during a recent press conference and sat on top of it with his legs crossed. It was a humorous gesture from the man who has made a career playing nongmin, or country folk - typecasting that reflects his own humble background.

In his latest film "Hello! Mr Tree" (in cinemas now), Wang plays a fortuneteller, hence the mystical cross-legged pose. "I won't tell you what I saw just now, unless you pay me," Wang, 27, said jokingly in front of a throng of flashing cameras.

"Shanghai is a lucky place for this film," he continued, referring to the fact "Hello! Mr Tree" picked up two awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival earlier this year. "I like Shanghai a lot, my skin tends to be better and smoother in the humid climate here," he laughed, rubbing his tanned face.

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