'Cold Steel' to Compete at Palm Springs

2011-11-18 10:57:54        Chinese Films

Director Hu Dawei at the press conference of the movie. [Photo: sina.com]

According to a report on sina.com, director Hu Dawei's sniper-themed action flick "Cold Steel" has been nominated by this year's Palm Springs International Film Festival organizers, but the category has yet to be confirmed. This probably will not occur until the judging panel reveals the full list on its official website today in America.

The director was very optimistic about winning an award from the event, saying, "The movie is an action-packed blockbuster. We have gunfights, very charming characters and a poignant love story. It's not like an average war film. Foreign audiences will enjoy this film."

He also revealed that the most anticipated award for him is the Best Editing Award. "As a former editor, I made the movie with an eye for editing," he told sina.com, "But I also hope our actors such as Tony Leung, Peter Ho and Song Jia can be rewarded at the festival."

The Palm Springs International Film Festival was founded in 1989 and was annually held in Palm Springs, California. This year's event will last from January 5 to 16 in 2012.

By Chen Nan

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