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2011-11-04 10:04:55        Chinese Films

A still photo of the movie, "The Great Magician." [Photo:]

Co-produced by the Bona Film Group and Emperor Motion Pictures, director Derek Yee's all-star blockbuster "The Great Magician" is expected to be released during the New-Year holiday slot, according to a report from

A trailer featuring the lead actor Tony Leung Chiuwai was released today to give audiences a glimpse of the movie's spirit and its magnificent magic tricks.

The actor was seen using different forms of magic with skilled gestures and an intense expression during the 1 minute video. The master of magic was vividly portrayed by the award-winning actor. Even the director Derek Yee was quoted saying, "Leung is a natural-born actor and magician. As an actor who has no experience in magic, he portrays a magical master on the silver screen perfectly."

In order to steal some thunder from Zhang Yimou's highly anticipated movie "The Flowers of War" which will be released during the same slot, a secret scroll was send out to theaters and media before the trailer was revealed. Still photos featuring behind-the-scene stories were included in the scroll.

The Bona Film Group has pulled out all the stops this year with two blockbusters, "The Great Magician" and "The Flying Sword of the Dragon Gate," to compete with New Pictures' "The Flowers of War." A fierce war for box office revenue will kick off in December.

By Chen Nan

Second trailer of the movie, "The Great Magician." [Video courtesy of]

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