"The Sword Identity" Premieres on the Mainland

2011-11-03 13:19:07        Chinese Films


Cast in the Press Conference [Photo: qq.com]

Zhao Yuan-yuan [Photo: qq.com]

Recently, the sixth Chinese Young Generation Film Forum (CYGFF), hosted by the China Filmmaker Association and operated by the Film Art magazine, raised its curtains in Beijing.

Director Xu Haofeng's debut film "The Sword Identity", was screened as the opening film. That evening, the director appeared on the set accompanied by lead actors including Yu Chenghui, Zhao Yuan-yuan and Song Yang, mtime.com reports.

The film "The Sword Identity" tells the legendary story of a sabre coming out from a military camp, wanders from place to place, making ripples on the world of martial arts, before finally being recognized by orthodox denomination of martial arts .

Zhao Yuan-yuan, a recent graduate from the Beijing Film Academy, portrays two characters in the film who live during the same period but have entirely different identities and destinies.

The film has successively been shortlisted for the "Horizon" segment of the 68th Venice International Film Festival, and the "Discovering" segment of the 36th Toronto International Film Festival. It has also been invited to be screened at the Pusan International Film Festival.

Furthermore, Director Xu Haofeng has been listed in the 48th Golden Horse Awards as one of the Best New Directors. The director will be joined by the production team and Zhao Yuan-yuan to attend the award ceremony of the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, during the final ten days of November.

By Zhang Ting

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