Han Chae-young in "A Big Deal"

2011-10-28 15:02:27        Chinese Films

Actress Han Chae-young [Photo: Mtime.com] 

Another actress from South Korea has been unable to resist the lucrative pull of the fast-growing Chinese film market. Han Chae-young, affectionately nicknamed "Barbie" by Korean audiences, will act for the first time after getting married in the Chinese urban comedy "A Big Deal".

Her 2005 TV series "Sassy Girl" turned out to be a huge hit, transforming her into an A-list star.

In the film, Han is set to portray a girl called Zhou Yun, who comes to China alone and becomes entangled in a series of complicated relationships with three Chinese men.

"The whole world is shifting their focus to the Chinese film market; not only me. I hope there will be more opportunities to take part in Chinese films. It's my pleasure to participate in 'The Big Deal.'" Han was quoted as saying.

Other Korean actresses who have made appearances in Chinese films include Kim Hee-sun in "The Myth", Choi Si-won in "Battle of Wits", and Jang Nara in the upcoming production of "Flying with You".

By Liu Shuai

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