Stars Gathered for Doze Niu's "Love"

2011-10-28 10:39:18        Chinese Films

Trailer of the movie, "Love."

Over 300 million Taiwan dollars (about 75 million RMB) was invested into director Doze Niu's latest romance movie, "Love".

Filling his cast with A-list stars, including Shu Qi, Vicky Zhao, Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao and Eddie Peng, Doze Niu is determined to create a blockbuster romance movie.

A forty second trailer was released today to give audiences a glimpse of the movie's spirit. Niu admitted in a previous interview that investing 300 million Taiwan dollars into a romance movie was a bold move for the production companies Huayi Bros and Hongdou Production. But Wang Zhonglei, president of Huayi Bros, is confident about the movie, saying, "The movie won't impress audiences with its gunfire and action. It will do so by touching their emotions."

The movie is scheduled for release on Valentine's Day in 2012.

By Chen Nan

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