"Cold War" Holds First Press Conference

2011-10-27 11:09:59        Chinese Films

Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung in the Press Conference [Photo: mtime.com]

The production company behind the film "Cold War" held its first press conference in Hong Kong, yesterday. The president of EDKO Films Limited, William Kong, as well as directors Sunny Luk and Liang Yue-ming, along with lead actors Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, Aarif Lee, Eddie Peng and Ma Yili appeared at the event, mtime.com reports.

During the event, Tony Leung revealed that the film begins with a police car under siege in the middle of a street. With the police station finding it difficult to cope with the crisis, everyone inside is under suspicion for being a mole.

The main investor behind the film, Edko Flim Limited, has claimed that the structure of the story is similar to that of "Infernal Affairs" in some ways, but claims that the film has incorporated a number of other elements including lots of car-chases and deadly explosions.

Investment in the film is thought to amount to more than 100 million yuan, in an effort to create a true blockbuster within the genre of Hong Kong gangster films.

Filming is currently underway, and the movie is expected to hit national screens in the summer of next year.

By Zhang Ting

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