Gao Qunshu to Follow in the Footsteps of the Cohen Brothers

2011-10-27 13:39:53        Chinese Films

Director Gao Qunshu to make film franchise. [Photo: baidu]

After joining the "100 Million Club", thanks to the success of his blockbuster movie "The Message" at the box office, director Gao Junshu has reportedly signed a contract today with Inlook Media to produce a series of films focusing on the lives of common people.

According to Chen Xiangrong, president of Inlook Media, over 100 million RMB will be invested into the franchise series. "Gao will start shooting the first movie of the franchise, 'Detective Hunter Zhang' in November. He will follow this up with a series of black comedies. We're hoping that Gao can film two movies every year." Chen went on to say, "The movies will describe the current social status from the perspective of common people. Although China's film industry is becoming more and more commercialized, we still insist on making movies that are closer to daily life."

Chen compared Gao's franchise with the Cohen Brothers' productions, saying, "Their (the Cohen Brothers) movies are based on reality and filled with black humor. Gao appreciates their style of filming. He will adapt the same style into his new movies". Gao signed with Huayi Bros. earlier in August to direct TV drams. With the support of two big names in China's film industry, fans can expect to enjoy more of Gao's productions in the near future.

By Chen Nan

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