Couple Joins Forces for a Third Time in New Thriller

2011-10-27 10:07:30        Chinese Films

Main cast members at the premiere ceremony. [Photo:]

Director Oxide Peng has joined forces with his actress-wife Angelica Lee for a third time in the thriller "Sleepwalker in 3D," which has been nominated for the main category at the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival.

The movie held its premiere ceremony yesterday in Beijing to celebrate the fact that this will be the first time that an Oxide Peng film has been screened on the mainland.

The director was accompanied to the event by his wife Angelica Lee, actress Huo Siyan, Charlie Yeung and Li Zonghan.

Two of the lead actresses in the movie, Lee and Huo, are also included in the list of nominations for Best Actress at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Peng emphasized on the night that the movie is much more than a horror film, "I've made many horror films before. But this is first time for me to feature people as the protagonists. It's a heartwarming horror movie".

By Chen Nan

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