"The Tale of Two Cities" to be Released

2011-10-26 13:44:21        Chinese Films

Still Shot from the film, "The tale of Two Cities" [Photo: M1905.com]

Directed by the young Chinese director Pan Anzi, and starring Richie Ren, Teng Ge'er, Yvonne Yung and Xiong Naijing, the film "The Tale of Two Cities" (Shuang Cheng Ji Zhong Ji) is set to hit cinema screens during the Spring Festival of 2012, tom. com reports.

Set in the turbulent days of the Republic of China, the film tells the tale of grassroots outlaws and rivals.

Lead actors Teng Ge'er and Richie Ren play the roles of enemies who have to join forces to intercept gold from bandits and local warlords who are in collusion with invading Japanese troops. "Grimace", a cunning and treacherous character is played by Ren, and the tactful "Stone Buddha" is played by Teng Ge'er.

As the Assistant Regimental Commander of the China National Central Song and Dance Ensemble, as well as a National Class-A Actor, Teng Ge'er is set to star in only his second film following his debut performance in "Black Beauty" (Hei Jun Ma) 16 years ago, in which he cooperated with this year's Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers award winner for best actress, Na Renhua.

By Zhang Ting

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