The Horror Film "Cursed Leading Lady" to Hit the Screens in time for the Halloween

2011-10-26 13:25:21        Chinese Films

Dong Nina in the Film [Photo:]

It has been confirmed that horror film "Cursed Leading Lady" (Xiong Ling Nv Yi Hao), starring Han Yifei, Wang Lu and Dong Nina, is due to hit cinemas just in time for Halloween, according to a report from

The film is set in the thirties, in old Shanghai, and documents the filming of a horror movie in an old mansion. As part of the storyline, the lead actress of the movie being filmed, which is set in the ancient times, dies uncannily. A policewoman, played by Han Yifei, is sent to apply for the role of lead actress, lurking among the cast to investigate the case. However, actors and actresses start to die one after another, plunging everyone into a terrible dilemma.

The movie "Cursed Leading Lady" begins with a story within a story, and shuttles back and forth from the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949) to ancient times. Utilizing a diverse approach, aside from its label as a horror film, it also shares similar traits with detective movies, and is thought-provoking and philosophical at times.

Representing the new generation of Chinese actresses, Han Yifei is not only popular in entertainment circles, she has also been referred to as "The First Basketball Baby of China". She revealed with excitement in her blog, "I play a policewoman in the film, a role which I have aspired to for a long time. Filming has been very enjoyable".

The film is slated for release on October 28.

By Zhang Ting

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