Sequel Set to Make Bigger Success

2011-10-26 10:37:06        Chinese Films

"Lost in Panic Cruise" premiered in Beijing on October 25. [Photo:]

Alec Su's 2010 low-budget suspense thriller "Lost in Panic Room" managed to surprise everyone at the box office, raking in 30 million RMB (about $4.73 m) after only investing 4 million RMB towards production costs.

In an effort to capitalize upon the movie's success, a sequel titled "Lost in Panic Cruise" was produced earlier this year. The movie held its premiere ceremony yesterday in Beijing. The event was attended by director Zhang Panpan and cast members Alec Su, Yang Kun, Ni Hongjie, Cica Zhou and Annie Wu.

At the event, Alec Su said he hoped the sequel will help the movie gain entry into the "100 Million Club," referring to those movies which have broken the 100 million RMB mark in terms of box office revenues.

Producer Gao Jun revealed that a third movie is also in the pipeline.

"Lost in Panic Cruise" is the usual array of detectives, high suspense and murder. The movie is expected to thrill audiences during the week of Halloween and is due to start screening tomorrow.

By Chen Nan

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