Bond Girl Maria Grazia Cucinotta to Cooperate with Chinese Actor Huang Bo

2011-10-25 15:03:11        Chinese Films

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (L) and Chinese actor Huang Bo attended the launch ceremony for their new project "All about Marriage." [Photo:]

Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the Italian Bond Girl from "007: The World is not Enough," recently turned up for the launch ceremony of her new romance comedy "All about Marriage" (Shi Chu You Yin) on October 24 in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, in Southwest China.

The film tells of love and culture clashes. Chinese actor Huang Bo plays the role of Maria's boyfriend. However, doubts have been raised regarding the stark differences between the two actors. Huang is just an average guy, both in appearance and height, compared to the sexy and tall Maria.

Maria has her own theory: "Love is above everything. Your height, languages, where you're from and your appearance are not problems. The film shows us that love is about when you meet the right person at the right time. At that moment, your heart knows all. "

Maria was in Chengdu for a secret observation tour in June. She picked several typical Chengdu locations as the shooting sets including the Panda Base, Jinsha Museum and local alleys.

The shooting will also take place on the island of Sicily, Italy.

The film is now in the preparation and location scouting stages. It is expected to be screened in late 2012.

By Liu Shuai

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