Peter Pau: Winning an Academy Award is Predestined

2011-10-25 14:49:10        Chinese Films

Peter Pau at work. [Photo:]

Directed by Sun Zhou and photographed by Peter Pau, the romance film "Yes I do," starring by Li Bingbing and Sun Honglei, is secretly being shot in Beijing right now.

The Oscar winner photographer Peter Pau accepted an interview recently to talk about the movie "Yes I do" and the Chinese filmmakers' dream of winning an Oscar golden statue.

Famous for photographing costume films such as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," Pau admitted he has less experience making modern romance films. "I was attracted by the story," Pau told the media, "It's about women left on the shelf. There are few Chinese films featuring ageing single ladies. "

When talking about the Academy Awards, Pau shook his head, saying, "The Oscars are not like the Olympic Games—You can win the award if you can run fast enough. There are too many outstanding productions emerging from all over the world every year. "

Pao disagreed with claims that Chinese film-makers are very eager to win an Oscar. He said that winning an Oscar is sometimes predestined. "As long as we make movies with a conscience, we will win recognition from the Awards eventually" he added.

Previous reports indicated that Pau, who has been single for his whole life, will get married in his 60s. But Pau denied the rumor at the end of the interview and said, "The job of making movies is my wife. My job will be my lifelong partner."

By Chen Nan

Pau won the 2001 Oscar Award for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." [Photo:]

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